Introducing Your New Cat to the other Family Pets

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Have you just adopted a new cat and need to introduce the cat to the other pet? This can be done, though it may not seem so easy when you first bring that little bundle of joy home

You Can’t Force It

Remember to understand that it will take time for the pets to all get to know each other and like the other pet. There will be periods of adjustment. Don’t force anything, remember that you can’t rush a pet introduction. There will be some skirmishes with the new cat, as cats do not like to share or change their environment.

What’s The Personality of the New Cat?

Do you have cats that are more social than others? Are they antisocial? This is going to help gauge how hard of a road lies ahead getting them to socialize. You may need to act even more slowly if they have antisocial over social tendencies.


When it comes time for pet adjustment to the new cat, here are a few suggestions:

Play together – share a toy with the new cat, such as a string or other item.

Feed the new cat separately – have two sets of dishes for them to eat out of, in separate rooms. Gradually move these closer together, over a period of days or weeks to begin pet introduction.

Get the scent – help them get used to each other’s scent by using a washcloth to rub onto the cat’s sleep blanket or pillow, and then toss it on to the others environment. This helps acclimate the new pet to the other pet.

cat-and-dogYou may have to initially keep each cat/pet in separate rooms for a few days, then allow supervised visits with the other pet – this keeps the fights down and allows small windows of time for them to get to know each other. You can expand this time so they can gradually tolerate being around one another.

By reducing the tension between the pets, you are helping speed up the process of getting your new cat adjusted to the other pet, and vice versa. Many times the new cat will adjust quicker to the animals already in the house.

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