Thunderstorm Anxiety!


Answers to Pet Thunderstorm Anxiety Questions!

You may wonder what you can do to help prevent your pet from being anxious during scary thunderstorms.

Don’t worry, here are 6 steps that can help with their anxiety.

1. Never leave your dog outside during storms.

2. Your pet reacts to human anxiety, fear, and stress so check your own behavior and that of others in the home. Do your best to remain relaxed and upbeat. If you give your pet a lot of attention and praise during storms, this will reinforce to your pet the unwanted behavior. They may expect during storms to be given attention so it is best to act as though it’s no big deal and follow your normal routine.

3. You can also try to distract their unwanted behavior by playing with them.

4. Some pets feel more secure in a comfortable place such as a crate with soft bedding. Try playing music in order to drown out the thunder. There is also a product called Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) that you can use in the secure crate that may help.

5. Some dogs benefit from a type of wrap, like the Thundershirt, that is believed to provide some comfort during times of anxiety, stress and fear.

If your pet stays calm or stops reacting to the storm you then can reward them with calm praise.

6. Pets who have severe thunderstorm phobia will need to visit their Veterinarian. Talk to them about potential treatments. In most cases, prescription medication can desensitize or condition the problem. Though you may shy away from these types of medications, the benefit can outweigh the condition in some cases.

Following these six steps will help your pet during thunderstorms.

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